A-Z Sports Betting Glossary

Understanding betting slang and the language used in football and other sports is key to becoming a pro bettor. Our glossary has soccer betting markets, odds, and all the rest of the sports betting terms and meanings explained most straightforwardly and concisely.

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Betting Glossary A to Z

  • A


    An abbreviation commonly used for a type of bet called “accumulator.” 

    Acca Insurance

    A special offer that applies only to accumulator betting. It provides for a stake reimbursement if a single selection in an accumulator loses.  


    A bet type with several selections in unrelated sporting events. Each selection must succeed for the whole bet to win. The bet’s return is the product of the stake and all the odds involved. 
    Read more:  Accumulator →

    Across the Card

    A mode of wagering on matchups occurring at various competitions at the same time.


    A term from betting slang that marks the placement of a sports bet.

    Against the Spread/ATS

    A betting market that requires you to predict the team or athlete who will overcome a specific number of points, that is, cover the point spread.

    All In

    Going all in means placing a stake equal to your whole bankroll. 

    All Out

    Going all out means making an extraordinary effort at the last moment of a matchup.

    All Weather

    A term used to describe a venue surface that allows for holding events in any season and weather conditions. 


    A bet made of 26 separate selections, including 2 Patents with 14 selections, 1 Yankee with 11 selections, and one 6-fold accumulator.

    Also Ran

    A participant in a horse or dog race or another sports competition who does not end up among the top finishers.

    Alternate Lines

    An option offered by bookmakers for point spread and totals betting. It allows you to adjust the points upward and downward, shifting the odds to your own benefit. Learn more: Alternate Lines →

    American Odds

    A format of betting odds mostly found at sportsbooks in the USA. The favorite’s odds are marked with a minus sign, and there is a plus sign in front of the underdog’s odds.   


    A sports betting tendency. Angle betting lies in identifying patterns in competitors’ previous performances and taking them as a basis for future predictions. 


    A way of betting on the outcome of an event one day or more before the event starts.


    A player who sticks to arbitrage betting.

    Arbitrage (arbing)

    A strategy to support both competitors or wager on all possible event results. An arbitrage bettor seeks to profit from the odds difference by betting on various platforms.   

    Asian Corners

    A soccer betting market that requires you to predict who will take more corners during the match. If the teams have the same number of corners, your stake will be returned.  

    Asian Goal Line

    A bet on how many goals will be scored in a soccer match. It is similar to the Totals Over/Under market, with the quarter, half, and whole options in goal numbers.  

    Asian Handicap

    A market for sports competitions between teams with uneven abilities. The stronger team is assigned a disadvantage or negative handicap, while the weaker team is given an advantage. 

    At the Post

    A horse racing term that expresses the position of horses at the starting point.

  • B


    To support a particular team, athlete, or outcome with a wager, that is, to bet on them.

    Back to Lay Betting

    A type of arbitrage betting that ensures a profit through wagering on the same event outcome at a sportsbook and an exchange platform.

    Backdoor Cover

    A situation that occurs in betting against the spread when the point spread is covered at the very last moment of the game.

    Bad Beat

    A lost bet that was initially highly likely to succeed. Find out more: Bad Beat →


    Short for Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Services, a British company that delivers sports betting and gambling services.


    A wager with a very high chance of winning.


    A gambling budget or the money allocated specifically for betting purposes. Discover more: Bankroll →

    Bar/Bar Price

    Odds for an event’s competitors that are too low to be quoted by oddsmakers.


    A person who bets in the name of another bettor without revealing the bettor’s identity.

    Best Odds Guaranteed

    A promo offer that is more typical of horse race betting. It gives the best odds possible to the bettor’s pre-match wager, even if the odds will eventually change. 


    A prediction of an event’s result backed by money. If correct, the prediction brings profit. 

    Bet Builder

    A sportsbook feature that enables you to build a set of selections from various markets.

    Bet Calculator

    A program used to calculate potential winnings and profits from sports bets.

    Bet Constructor

    A tool that allows you to create two virtual teams with 5 selections of real-life events each. After the teams are created, bets are placed on them and settled depending on the total goals scored per team.

    Bet Live

    To bet live is to bet on a sporting event in progress.

    Bet Slip/Betslip

    An integral element of a betting site that contains information about the selections you make. You enter a stake sum and confirm your bet in this area. Read more: Bet Slip →

    Betting Exchange

    A platform where punters play each other instead of betting against a bookmaker.

    Betting Limits

    The largest and smallest amounts you can stake at a sportsbook. Each particular bookmaker reserves the right to set its own limits.

    Betting Market

    A wagering option available for a sporting event. Such options relate to the outcome and other aspects of the event.  

    Betting Odds

    A numerical expression of an outcome probability. The calculation of a bet’s return is also based on odds. 

    Betting Ring

    The term is used in offline betting and denotes the location of bookmakers on a horse or dog racing course.  

    Betting Terms Explained

    The most frequent title of a sports betting glossary that contains all relevant terminology. 

    Betting W/O/Betting Without

    A horse racing betting market that makes it possible to predict the winner, disregarding the projected favorite of the race. 

    BIR or BIP

    BIR stands for Betting In Running; BIP stands for Betting In Play. Both terms apply to horse racing and have the same meaning as live betting.  


    A horse race betting term and a name for a horse that is considered a favorite but expected to lose.

    Board Price

    Used in offline betting on horse and dog races, the term means the odds displayed on a board at a racing course.  


    An abbreviated form of a sportsbook.


    The same as a bookmaker.

    Booking Points

    A football betting market that involves predicting the total number of cards received by both teams during the match.


    A person, business, or platform that supplies odds and markets for events, accepts bets, and pays out winnings. 

    Bore Draw

    A match tied in nil-nil.

    Both Teams to Score/BTTS

    A betting market that offers to predict whether both teams will or will not score at least one goal in the match.

    Both Teams To Score & Win

    A BTTS variation. Here, you need to predict whether both teams will score and which team will win the match.


    A word from British betting slang to describe 2-to-1 odds.


    An abbreviation for Betfair Starting Price, that is, the price or odds quoted by the Betfair Exchange at the beginning of an event.

    Buying Points

    A betting market option with the possibility to buy or sell points for your bet on a point spread or totals. As a result, you can change the odds, getting a lower or higher price.

  • C


    Also known as a Super Yankee, a wager consisting of multiple accumulators, namely, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-folds, and a 5-fold.


    3-to-1 odds in British betting slang.

    Cashback/Cash Back Bonus

    A customer offer within which a particular percentage of money the user spends on the betting site is returned.  

    Cash Bonus

    Any bookmaker’s reward given as real cash. Promotions with cash bonuses allow for bonus withdrawals without wagering. 

    Cash Out

    To cash out a wager means to settle it and take out winnings before the game ends officially. Bets can be cashed out in full or partially and automatically or manually. 


    The term applies to the number of points a player scores in some sports within a certain period. For example, one hundred points in snooker or a hundred runs in cricket. 


    An evident favorite in a matchup in American betting slang. 

    Chalk Player

    A punter who tends to bet on favorites.


    Winning back the money a player previously lost on bets.

    Circled Game

    A sporting event that is available for betting, although with some limits on the stake amount or bet types. A game may become circled because of some internal or external factors.  

    Clean Sheet

    A football team conceding no goals within a match has a clean sheet. Bookmakers provide this option as a betting market type.

    Closing Line

    A value at which the odds are fixed before an event and that cannot be altered.


    Rivals with identical odds in a game with three or more participants. 


    A male horse under 5 years of age that competes in races.

    Combination Bet

    A series of selections in different games combined in one wager.

    Combination Forecast

    A horse racing prediction with at least three selections per betslip.

    Combination Tricast

    A prediction of the first three finishers in a horse race in any order. 

    Consensus Pick

    A selection backed by most sports bettors. 

    Corners Match Bet

    A market that requires you to select a football team with the most corners at the end of the match. 

    Correct Score Betting

    Predicting the exact figures on the scoreboard when the game ends.


    A supporting bet put on the same event to cut risks associated with the main bet.

    Covering the Spread

    Overcoming the difference in points in betting against the spread. 

    Cryptocurrency Betting Sites

    Online betting platforms that allow for transactions in cryptocurrencies.

  • D


    The mother of a horse in horse race betting jargon.

    Dead Heat

    A tie in a competition when at least two competitors finish simultaneously or score the same amount of points. In the event of a dead heat, your stake sum will be divided into the number of competitors who tied.

    Decimal Odds

    A format of odds typical of European bookmakers, with the stake amount included and the lower value assigned to the favorite. Read more: Decimal Odds →


    A payment made to a punter’s account on a betting site before placing wagers.

    Deposit Methods

    Payment modes and services accessible on a betting site for depositing.


    An American betting slang word for a bet worth $1,000.


    An abbreviated form of an underdog.

    Dog Player

    A bettor who preferably wagers on underdogs.


    An American jargon word for a bet of $100.

    Double Bet

    A 2-selection wager. Both selections must be winning for the wager to succeed. 

    Double Action

    A bet consisting of two independent predictions. For the bet to be active, the previous prediction must come true or become void.

    Double Chance

    A betting market that allows you to back two out of three event outcomes. For example, in a 3-way bet, you can back a draw and one of the teams to win. Learn more: Double Chance → 

    Double Result

    Wagering on a double result is predicting the outcome of two periods of an event, such as half-time and full-time in soccer.


    A bet slip with two selections in separate events. 

    Draw No Bet

    A market offer for 3-way betting where you need to wager either on a home team or away team to win. You will get your stake back if there is a draw.


    A situation in horse racing betting when the odds on a horse rise. It mostly happens if the other competitor starts receiving more support from bettors. 


    A horse whose odds get longer or rise.


    The process of shortening the odds by a bookmaker. As a result, the bookie makes them much lower for a particular selection than the market average.


    The strategy of betting on several outcomes of a single event to increase the chances of winning.

  • E


    An online payment method used on betting sites for quick and secure deposits and withdrawals of money.  

    Each Way

    A betting market found in some sports that involves two bets: one on the winner of an event and the other on a competitor to take one of a number of places. 

    Early Price

    Odds that get fixed before the start of an event. If you accept early odds, you need to stick to them.


    The same as an advantage that punters or bookmakers seek to have in terms of the odds favorability and potential profit. 

    Enhanced Odds Meaning

    A promotional campaign run by bookmakers. In this promo, odds are increased for preselected events or markets. 


    Activities where participants compete by playing video games. Many sportsbooks provide esports as betting options.

    European Handicap

    A market where a point handicap is added or removed from the teams based on their strength. Unlike an Asian handicap, the European edition admits a draw in the event.    

    Even Money/Evens

    Odds of a wager that will double your stake in the case of a win.

    Evens Bet

    Any bet placed on even money—the odds twice the stake or 2.00 in the decimal format. 


    A type of bet on horse races aimed at picking the horses to come first and second. 


    A wager that stands apart from the basic bet types. Like in proposition betting, an exotic is put on specific aspects of a game and everything around it.

    Expected Goals Meaning

    An analytical model that helps determine the probability of a goal being scored based on the circumstances of a shot.  


    The term relates to finances a bettor or bookmaker may potentially lose on a particular selection.

  • F


    An athlete, team, or any selection in general defined by a bookmaker as a potential winner. Favorites always have the lowest value in the decimal format of odds. 

    Favourite (Fav)

    The British spelling of the word “favorite.”


    Charges that bookmakers might collect for financial transactions, such as withdrawals.


    A bet on a team or athlete that is outside the favorites and main list of competitors. 


    A female horse less than 4 years old. 

    First Corner

    A type of soccer prediction in which bettors predict the first team to kick a corner in the match. 

    First Goalscorer/FGS 

    A football betting market where you need to back a player who will score the very first goal in the game. 

    First Half Bet

    Any bet that concerns the selections from the first half of a match. 

    First Past the Post

    A promotion applicable to horse racing events that guarantees a payout for the first finisher, even if the results will be revised later.


    The term relates to an illegal practice in sports betting. A fixed outcome of an event is one that is predetermined and, therefore, bound to bring profit. 

    Fixed Odds  

    If the odds for a selection are fixed, their value is locked and used to calculate the payout.  Discover more: Fixed Odds →

    Fixed Odds Betting

    When you bet on fixed odds, you stay with this bet price and get the return based on it, even if the market odds change.  

    Flag Bet

    A combination of 23 wagers based on 4 selections, all in one bet slip.  


    The term indicates how many selections a bet contains. For example, 6-fold and 7-fold bets have 6 and 7 selections, respectively.

    Forecast Betting

    Selecting an event and predicting who will take the first and second places.


    The term for a performance that an athlete or team has recently shown.


    An abbreviation for First Player To Score, a sports betting market where you need to wager on a player who will score first in the game. 

    Fractional Odds 

    An odds format used by sportsbooks in Europe. Fractional odds are presented as two numbers with a slash between them that show your winnings for a certain stake. Find out more: Fractional Odds →

    Free Bet

    A popular sports bonus that lets you play without investing your own funds. If your free bet wins, your payout will exclude the stake amount.  

    Full Time/Full-Time Result

    Betting on full time is connected with the outcome of the entire game. If you predict the full-time result in a soccer match, you decide on one of the teams winning or a tie after 90 minutes.

    Futures Bet

    A prediction made on a sporting event that is scheduled for some date in the future. Futures are placed on the outcome of a tournament, championship series, and season.

  • G


    An individual who bets money on sports, casino games, or other activities that involve risks. 


    An organization based in Great Britain that provides free assistance to people who experience gambling addiction. 

    Goal Line

    A name for a betting market that requires determining the total number of goals to be scored within a specific match. 


    A key aspect of a group of betting markets. For example, you can bet on the first or last goalscorer or a player who will score a goal at any time throughout the game.


    A word from British betting jargon to describe a racing course surface in terms of ground moisture. 


    A large bet combination that comprises 247 wagers on 8 separate selections.

    Graded Bet

    A wager that has been officially settled with a particular outcome at a sportsbook.  


    The Grand National is an annual horse race held in England that is massively bet on.

  • H

    Half Time Bet 

    A prediction concerning different aspects of the second half of a match. Learn more: Half Time Bet →

    Half Time Full Time

    A market where you need to predict the outcome of the first half of a game and the entire game’s result. Your bet will succeed if both predictions are accurate. 

    Half Time Result

    A prediction of a draw or which team will lead when the first half of a match ends.

    Half Time Score

    A prediction of the precise score in the middle of a match. 

    Half With Most Goals

    A bet on a game’s half, either first or second, during which the most goals will be scored.


    An advantage granted to the weaker competitor at the beginning of an event or an identical disadvantage assigned to the stronger opponent. 

    Handicap Race

    A horse race is called a handicap one if competing horses carry weights of various sizes to balance them out.


    A bettor who favors markets with handicaps. The term can also be applied to gamblers investigating sporting events and making predictions professionally. Get to know more: Handicapper →


    In sports betting jargon, the total volume of money in bets a bookmaker has accepted from its players over a particular time. 

    Head to Head Betting

    Wagering on one of two possible outcomes: a win for either opponent. 

    Hedging/Hedge Betting

    A risk-reduction betting tactic of placing wagers on opposite results of the same event. Read more: Hedging →


    A bet placed across 6 selections in unrelated events consisting of 57 wagers.

    High Roller

    A punter who usually plays big, that is, stakes considerable sums of money.


    In team sports, half a point that excludes the possibility of a tie in a match. 

    House Rules

    Rules and regulations established by a sportsbook or casino.

  • I


    Short for Independent Betting Adjudication Service, a UK organization that serves as an intermediary in dispute resolution between punters and bookmakers. 

    Implied Probability

    The likelihood of a certain outcome occurring, according to the bookmaker.

    In-Game Wagering

    The same as in-play betting.

    In-Play Betting 

    A widespread betting mode when wagers are placed on sporting events that are underway. Discover more: In-Play Betting →

  • J


    A promo competition with a significant prize pool that involves multiple sports predictions. The term is also referred to the largest possible reward in a gambling game. 

    Joint Favourite

    A competitor that is projected to win alongside another competitor. 


    A favorite or a wager on it in British betting slang.


    A commission a bookie takes when accepting a bet.  Find out more: Juice →

  • K

    Key Numbers 

    Victory margins that most matches end with. For example, 1, 2, and 3 are key numbers in soccer and hockey, while in American football, these are 3 and 7.  Examine the topic: Key Numbers →

  • L

    Last Team To Score

    A betting market that requires predicting a team that will be the last to score in the match.


    To lay a bet means to place a wager against another bettor on an exchange platform.

    Lay Bet

    A bet placed on the outcome not to occur. For instance, if you place a lay bet on team A to win, your bet will succeed if team A loses or ties. 

    Lay-To-Back Betting

    A strategy of capitalizing on fluctuating odds for the same selection at an exchange.

    Layers Liability

    The money bettors risk losing at an exchange when betting against each other.

    Laying Points

    A tactic for betting against the spread when you wager on the favorite to win by overcoming the point spread.

    Layoff Betting

    A risk-reduction technique used by bookmakers and punters. Bookmakers place wagers with each other, while punters bet on opposite outcomes.


    Each selection in a bet with several selections.


    When sportsbooks lengthen the odds for an outcome, they increase potential returns and, at the same time, decrease the outcome’s likelihood.


    The maximum sum you can wager on a betting site.


    A bet price or odds set by a bookmaker.

    Line Movement

    The fluctuation of odds that takes place before or throughout the game and is caused by bettors’ activity and some other factors. 

    Live Betting

    The same as in-play betting, that is, predicting outcomes of ongoing events.

    Live Streaming

    A feature offered on betting sites together with in-play wagering. When turning on live streaming, you will be able to watch real-time broadcasts of events.


    In betting slang, a bet that is most likely to win.


    A bet with the longest odds and, therefore, the lowest chances of winning and highest potential payout. 

    Lose-To-Win Accumulator

    A type of accumulator, also known as an anti-accumulator, that wins if at least one selection fails.

    Loyalty Program

    A bookmaker’s promotion rewarding customers for their dedication to the brand, that is, betting activity and time spent on the site.


    An abbreviation for level stakes profit or the profit from all stakes of the same size.

    Lucky 15

    A betting combination made of 15 wagers on 4 separate selections.

    Lucky 31

    A betting combination made of 31 wagers on 5 separate selections.

    Lucky 63

    A betting combination made of 63 wagers on 6 separate selections.

  • M


    In horse race betting, a horse that is yet to become a winner. A maiden race is a race for horses that have never previously finished first. 


    A bet type or category associated with a specific event outcome and odds.


    A loss recovery tactic in which a lost bet is followed by a bet doubled in size. 

    Match Result

    A wager on the victory of team A, team B winning, or a draw.

    Matched Betting

    A form of arbitrage betting when the same selection is backed with a free bet on one betting site and real money on another.

    Maximum Bet

    The highest amount a bettor can stake at a time on a bookmaking platform.


    A strategy of supporting both opponents in a matchup with bets.

    Minimum Bet

    The smallest possible amount per bet slip.

    Mobile App

    A piece of software provided by bookmakers for downloading on mobile devices. In most cases, mobile apps duplicate the offerings and content of the bookmakers’ websites.

    Mobile Betting

    A mode of wagering from a smartphone or another mobile device in installed applications or sites accessible through mobile browsers. 

    Mobile Bonus

    Any bonus you can claim by downloading and playing via a bookmaker’s mobile app.

    Money Back Bets

    Promotions where punters receive stake compensation for losing bets.  

    Money Line/Moneyline Betting

    A name for the match result market mostly found at American sportsbooks. It is simply a prediction of who will win a match or if there will be a draw.   Learn more: Money Line →


    A UK slang word for a bet of £500.

    Multi-Goal Betting

    Wagering on a range of goals that both teams will score in a football match.  

    Multiple Bet

    A set of single wagers contained in one bet.


    The same as multiple bets.


    In gambling jargon, an unlucky punter whose betting predictions frequently fail.

  • N

    Nailed On

    If an outcome of a sporting event is nailed on, it is clear and has every chance to come true.


    A sports prediction that a tipster considers to be the most accurate on the day. 


    A $500 bet in American betting slang.

    No Action

    A term describing a wager declared void with the stake amount returned.

    No Deposit Free Bet

    A bonus type with a free bet as an award that requires no prior depositing. 


    The term is primarily used in horse and dog races and denotes a participant that, for some reason, drops out of the race and no longer competes.

    Non-Runner No Bet

    A promotion where the bookmaker will return your stake if the race competitor you bet on becomes a non-runner.

    Novelty Bet

    A prediction made on an event from politics, entertainment, and other spheres unrelated to sports. 

    Number Spread

    An American term for a point spread.


    In poker, having the nuts means having an invincible card hand. 

  • O


    A value at which a bet is priced. Odds show the probability of an event’s outcome and are used for calculating payouts. 

    Odds Against/Odds-Against

    A bet price greater than evens or 2.0.

    Odds On/Odds-On

    A bet price lower than evens or 2.0.


    A specialist who determines the odds for sporting events. 

    Off the Board/OTB

    An event scheduled but not accessible for betting at a sportsbook. 

    On the Nose

    A wager on a horse or dog to win the race as a sole selection.

    Opening Line

    The initial odds offered by bookmakers for a game.


    A stake or money a bettor spends to place a bet.


    A bet placed in advance on the ultimate winner of a season or tournament. 


    The same as an underdog or weaker side in a matchup.


    A bet option in the over/under market on the game’s total score exceeding a set value.  


    A percentage added to the odds by a sportsbook as its profit margin.


    A betting market that requires predicting whether the total amount of points in a game will be higher or lower than a predetermined value. Get to know more: Over/Under →


    A bet on the outcome of an event that is likelier than its quoted odds.

    Own Goal

    A football market with a bet on a goal scored by a team against themselves.

  • P


    A betting system with a pool shared between bettors proportionally to their winning bets.


    The same as an accumulator or a bet consisting of multiple selections in separate events. Examine the topic: Parlay →


    A betting combination made of 7 wagers on 3 separate selections.

    Payment Methods

    Accessible ways to perform financial transactions on a betting website.


    The money bookmakers pay bettors for their winning bets.


    Wagers including various betting combinations based on a series of selections.

    Photo Finish

    The use of a photo or video to identify the race finishers if they are not visible to the naked eye. 


    A game in which the opponents have equal abilities and, therefore, the same chances to win, according to the bookmaker. Find out more: Pick’em →


    Sports betting predictions suggested by tipsters, handicappers, and other professionals.


    To put or submit a wager.

    Place Bet

    A prediction of the place a participant will take in a competition, such as first, second, or third.


    A bet on a horse to place in all of the first 6 races on the day. Winnings are paid from the pool.


    The order in which competitors cross the finish line.

    Pleaser Bet

    A mode of betting in which bettors can trade points in favor of the bookmaker for an odds change in their favor.

    Point Spread

    A point difference between the opponents in a matchup or a bet placed on this margin. Discover more: Point Spread →


    A UK betting slang word for a wager worth £25.


    A system where all punters contribute to a pool, which is then shared among the winners.

    Pre-Match Bet

    A wager accepted on an event with fixed odds before it starts. 


    The same as a betting line or odds.


    A payout for a winning bet minus the bet amount. 

    Promo Code

    A combination of numbers or letters entered on a betting site in exchange for a special offer.


    Bookmakers’ customer offers with bonuses given in return for completing certain conditions.

    Prop Bet/Proposition Bet 

    A prediction concerning an aspect of a game that has no impact on its outcome. Read more: Prop Bet →

    Public Money

    The money most punters stake on a particular selection that affects its odds.


    A person engaged in sports betting and other gambling activities.


    A situation in which neither the bookie nor the player wins, and the latter gets the stake back.  

  • Q

    Quinella Bet

    A wager on two participants in a horse or dog race coming in first and second in any order.

  • R

    Racing Card

    A list of races scheduled for the day, with runners, their statistics, and other relevant details.


    A complete outsider in horse racing jargon.

    Record Against the Spread (ATS)

    A team’s performance against the point spread set by a bookmaker.

    Referral Bonus

    A bonus granted within a referral or affiliate scheme for drawing new players to the sportsbook.

    Request a Bet

    A bookmaker’s offer that allows you to request an individual wager and odds for it. 


    The money you receive in return for your winning bet.

    Reverse Bet

    A series of wagers, with each taking effect only after a preceding one succeeds.

    Reverse/Reversed Forecast

    The same as a quinella bet that is placed on two horses finishing first and second in any order.

    Reverse Forecast Double

    A wager on the first two horses finishing in two different races. The order is irrelevant.

    Reverse-Line Movement

    The movement of the odds in a direction that is opposite to what most punters stake on. Explore more: Reverse-Line Movement →


    Short for return on investment, a metric to evaluate the efficiency of bets placed.

    Round Robin

    A bet combining several accumulators from 3 or more selections.

    Rule 4

    A decrease in payout in case a runner drops out of the horse race.


    Any participant in a race. Another meaning is a punter who plays in the name of another person.

  • S

    Same-Game Parlay

    A parlay or accumulator with selections from the same event.


    A tactic of making a profit from insignificant odds changes on a betting exchange platform.


    The numerical expression of the result of a sporting event and each opponent’s performance. 


    A prediction of the final score together with a goalscorer in a football match. 


    A gambler who plays big while seeking only sure and potentially profitable bets. 


    The choice of a particular outcome of a sporting event.


    A person who is well-versed in betting and wagers professionally.

    Single Bet/Singles

    A wager on one selection or one outcome of a single game.

    Smart Money

    The money a sharp or a well-placed bettor stakes.


    The same as a starting price.

    Special Bet

    A wager standing out from the standard betting options. It is not necessarily sports-related.


    An online platform or offline venue that accepts wagers on sports. 


    The same as a point spread.

    Spread Betting

    Wagering on a selection winning by a certain margin.


    A person who is not adept at wagering on sports.


    The money a punter risks or pays when placing a bet.

    Starting Price

    The price set for a bet at the beginning of an event.


    A sudden shift of money placed on a specific selection that results in the odds movement.


    A selection on which the odds become shorter as the majority of bettors back it.

    Straight Forecast

    A prediction of the first and second finishers in a horse race in the correct order.

    Straight Forecast Double

    A prediction of the first two runners finishing in the exact order in two separate horse races.

    Straight Tricast

    A wager on horses finishing first, second, and third in a race in the precise order. 

    Straight Up

    Placing a straight up bet is simply picking the winner.


    A sequence of bets ending with the same result, either winning or losing.

    Super Flag Bet

    A bet uniting 46 individual wagers on 5 selections from separate events.

    Super Heinz

    A bet made of 120 wagers on 7 unrelated selections.

    Super Yankee

    A bet including 5 selections and 26 wagers.

    System Bets

    A combination of wagers based on multiple selections. Payout is made even if some of the selections lose.

  • T

    Taking Points

    Placing a point spread bet on the underdog.

    Tapping Out

    Spending all the money allocated for betting.

    Teaser Bets

    Variations of an accumulator bet that allow for adjusting the points when betting against the spread. The bet becomes easier to come through in exchange for a decrease in the payout. Learn more: Teaser Bets →

    Terms & Conditions

    A list of the bookmaker’s operating rules and player requirements. 

    The Gambler’s Fallacy

    A misconception that the outcomes of sporting events can be predicted based on past experiences.


    A language of code words and gestures used by British bookmakers at horse races to convey odds and other information.

    Timecast Betting

    Making a double prediction on who will score the first goal in a match and at what time.


    A prediction from a sports betting professional.


    A person who gives professional advice on sports betting.

    Tissue Price

    Odds estimated for various outcomes of an event reflecting the chances of winning. 

    To Score In Both Halves 

    A market implying that at least one goal will be scored in each half or period of the game. 

    To Win Both Halves

    A wager on a team winning or outscoring the rival in the first and second half of the match.

    To Win Either Half

    A wager on a team that will win one period or half of the match, either first or second.

    To Win From Behind

    A bet on a team that managed to even the score and win, although they were initially losing. 

    To Win To Nil

    A betting prediction on a team that will win the match while their opponent will not score at all.


    Any market where you need to predict the total number of points, cards, and other instances.


    The term derives from the name of a UK bookmaking company and means a system where payouts are made from a shared pool.

    Tote Bets

    Bets payable from a common pool instead of relying on fixed odds.

    TOTE Betting

    A form of betting in which all stakes go into a pool, which is then shared between the winners. 

    Tout (Service)

    A paid service of providing sports betting predictions. The term often carries a negative tinge.


    A bet containing 3 selections from independent events.


    A prediction on who exactly will come in first, second, and third in a race.

    Trifecta Bet

    The same as a tricast or bet on the top three finishers of a race and their precise order.


    A bet involving 4 wagers—3 doubles and a treble—on 3 separate selections.

  • U

    UK Gambling Commission

    An official organization in Britain that licenses sports betting and gambling businesses and regulates their operations.


    An over/under market option meaning that the event’s total score will be lower than a set value.  


    A competitor who is weaker than the opponent and is expected to lose.  Read more: Underdog →


    Odds that do not reflect reality and benefit the bookmaker, not the bettor. 


    A percentage value used to measure betting expenses and manage a bankroll


    A method of placing two interrelated bets on the same two selections. 

  • V

    Value Bet

    A wager with a greater probability of succeeding, according to the bettor, than the odds set by the sportsbook.


    A shortened form of a video assistant referee, a staff member or team whose duty is to review referees’ decisions by monitoring the game on multiple screens.


    A commission sportsbooks charge for accepting wagers, often included in the odds. 

    Virtual Sports

    Simulations of sports created with specialized software that bookmakers offer for betting. 

    Void Bet

    Any wager that gets null due to the cancelation of an event, technical issues, or other reasons. In this case, stakes are returned to punters.

  • W


    The same as a bet.

    Wagering Requirement

    The condition of a bookmaker’s promotion about the sum bettable before withdrawing the bonus.

    Walk Over/Walkover

    A situation in which one of the competitors is unable to participate in the event, and the opponent is declared the winner.


    To avoid paying a wager.

    Welcome Offer

    A promo for newcomers to the betting website with a bonus credited after registration.


    A punter who normally stakes large amounts of money, the same as a high-roller.

    White Meat

    The term for winnings in casino and card games. 


    A bet that is settled in the punter’s favor and, as a result, has a return.


    A double prediction on a team winning the match and a player scoring anytime.

    Winning Margin

    The number of points or goals by which a competitor beats the opponent and wins the event.


    The money punters receive if their bets succeed. It is based on the odds and the stake amount.

    Wise Guy/Wiseguy

    A proficient bettor who places well-informed bets.


    Transfers of money won with the bookmaker from its website to the player’s personal account.

  • Y


    A bet consisting of 11 wagers and covering 4 separate selections.

  • 3

    3-Way Total /3-Way Bets 

    A sports betting market that allows punters to wager on a sporting event with 3 potential outcomes: a draw, a win for team A, or a victory for team B. Examine the topic: 3-Way Total/3-Way Bets →